Welcome to 23rd Street Auction House !
We are an auction house that specializes in  consignment and estate auctions.  We also perform storage and business liquidation auctions. Our licensed and bonded auctioneer will handle your auction with the ethical care that you deserve. Whether you are trying to sell a warehouse full of inventory or a loved ones estate , we will take care of you ! 
We can hold the auction at your home, business or our own facilities. If you are a buyer we have something for everyone. If you are a collector, picker, or you need inventory for your business we have auctions that you don't want to miss. And there is NO buyers premium. 
Regular Consignment Auctions :
We have two regular types of auctions Primitives and Pretties and Sunday Consignment auctions.  The first Sunday of the month  is our Antiques and Collectibles, otherwise known as Primitives and Pretties. These auctions are for higher end antiques and collectibles. We have usually have a variation of items.
Secondly there are Sunday consignment auctions. These auctions feature general merchandise, home decor, cars, trucks, tools, coins and more. In fact, you just never know what is going to show up at our auctions.  
No Buyers Premium! 
     We accept Cash, Debit, or Credit Card! 3% convenience fee on credit or debit. 
​If you have a tax ID number be sure to  bring a copy of it with you.  We must have a copy on file.
We accept Cash, Debit, or Credit Card .  There is a 3% convenience fee on credit or debit. Sorry we do not accept checks.


Consignment Information

 Commission amounts for Auction house 

* General Merchandise $5 and up, starts at 30%

               > Dependent upon quality and condition of items                               

                                        * Reserve fee ( Po's )10%  if item does not sale.                                                                      1.We are closed on Monday. Drop offs are by appointment only at this time.

                           call 405-833-2787 to set a time for drop off.                              

                        2. Check with office first to get seller's number                                              

                         3. All items must be cleaned and ready to sell                                               

                         4. All items must be marked with seller's number                                          

                           5. Check will be issued 10 days after merchandise is sold                            

                                           6. Items that were offered but did  not sale  and you would like them back need to be picked up or have arrangements made by 2pm Tuesday or you will be charged a storage fee. If you do  not want them back they will be donated .


 We do not accept these items

* Press wood furniture                                    

* Garage sale leftovers                                    

                            if you can't sell it at your yard sale, we can't sell it here.

* Old electronics                                              

-Old T.V.s ( post 1960's & screens)

-Printers/ Old computers                

-VCRs, VCR Tapes                          

* Seasonal items                    

* Old mattresses                                             

* If you have an Estate that you are interested in liquidating please call

405-833-2787 for an appointment